What is ABMI ©

about the ABMI © body of knowledge

ABMI © is a complete knowledge-base in enterprise risk management that can be used for learning interventions as well as to direct risk management development efforts. There is a growing movement of businesses and organisations that are adjusting or evaluating their risk management frameworks on the basis of the detailed and practice-focused ABMI © risk implementation and competency development model. Initial research on ABMI started in 2011 and the first version of this model was launched in 2013. With a growing number of small-medium-to-large organisations either partially or fully adopting ABMI ©, their feedback is what gives us confidence that ABMI © is the future of risk management. 

The ABMI reference library not only defines what must be in place but goes further to describe the requisite elements and practices that underpin implementation thereof. The ABMI © methodology includes specific and balanced consideration of ISO31000, COSO, King IV, listed company practice, public sector regulations and practices as well as the views of academia, professionals and the author.

As a diagnostic and continuous improvement tool, the ABMI © methodology is a model for the assessment of risk maturity designed to promote a culture of practice rather than conformance (paper-compliance). The model assesses each organisation on 7 risk management components comprising 24 attributes, further consisting of 106 sub-attributes. Based on the response to these risk attributes, the ABMI © technology provides you (at the click of a button) with a multi-year risk improvement plan, a key tool to direct your risk management efforts in a coordinated and value-adding manner. The ABMI © framework is fully supported by a well-researched reference library which undergoes constant review through robust research and development work of the author which is licensed to the ABMI Research Institute in South Africa. In the most recent update to the ABMI reference library (2021 edition), there have been several technical and practice updates that include a technical review from a range of professionals and members of academia.

The ABMI © body of knowledge comprises the following tools

  • The ABMI © reference library which includes practice guidelines for all cited areas of risk management.
  • The ABMI © risk maturity model which includes related risk improvement planning.
  • ABMI © risk governance tools and templates to support each practice area in risk management.
  • ABMI © annexure A: Crisis-readiness and gap-analysis model.
  • ABMI © annexure B: Compliance management maturity model.
  • ABMI © annexure C: Cybersecurity risk maturity model.
  • ABMI © annexure D: POPIA & PAIA compliance & maturity model.
  • ABMI © annexure E: Ethics management maturity model.


We have also availed through the ABMI portal ( www.abmi.co.za) automation tools which allow you to access self-help and risk maturity assessment tools without the hassle of red-tape. We would love to share more information with you and are available to make further presentations on the ABMI © risk methodology which we hope will transform risk management and add value to your business. With ABMI © you can focus your energy on delivering business value whilst we support you with researched content, guidelines and tools.