myABMI Risk Maturity Assessment


The ABMI risk maturity assessment is an empowering tool that provides instant access to researched, detailed and evidence-based risk maturity assessment capabilities. The main outcome of the risk maturity assessment is a verified risk maturity report and detailed diagnostic improvement plan for a 3-year period. The report includes comparison of the organisation’s risk maturity performance as compared or benchmarked with organisations within a similar sector.

Through the extended capability for capturing of customised comments during the assessment, review and verification/ audit process, the risk maturity assessment extends beyond a tick-list assessment and speaks to unique realities within the organisation. Through technology automation capabilities, the risk maturity assessment also supports remote working by enabling the allocation of selected assessment areas to contributors within or outside the organisation. 

This collaboration function enables contributions from role-players through email communication or using robotic WhatsApp ® conversations that automatically upload the assessment inputs and comments in our database for further consideration and the assessor’s acceptance, amendment or rejection. Our technology also enables additional scrutiny, input and process efficiency through providing you with the following functionality:

myABMI Core Technology License:

This is the main online license that enables the user to conduct risk maturity assessments using our technology. Although taking the risk maturity assessment is absolutely free, detailed reporting is subject to the purchase of this subscription. This subscription will enable the user to take up to two risk maturity assessments for the same organisation.

myABMI Assessment Review [Add-on]:

This add-on enables the assessor to nominate a reviewer who will scrutinise and refine the assessment inputs and comments before finalisation of the risk maturity assessment. The nomination of a reviewer is optional and subject to a separate add-on subscription.

myABMI Audit & Verification [Add-on]:

This add-on enables the assessor to request verification or audit of the assessment outcomes through their nominated audit staff member or partner. myABMI approved auditors are pre-approved by the ABMI Research Institute’s ABMI Partner Programme. This approval includes consideration of professional experience, academic achievement and completion of the ABMI Masterclass and related certification process. Should an organisation have its own audit staff members, we will support you in their certification as an ABMI approved auditor before they can conduct a verification audit. The outcome of this process is an Audited Risk Maturity Report that includes risk improvement planning, benchmarking, customised comments and audit outcomes. The nomination of an auditor is optional and subject to a separate add-on subscription. Should you not have an auditor in mind, through our ABMI Partner programme we will automatically allocate the audit to an approved ABMI auditor.

myABMI WhatsApp Collaboration [Add-on]:

This add-on enables the assessor to allocate aspects of the risk maturity assessment to a specific individual for response via WhatsApp conversations. A WhatsApp conversation will allow the contributor to respond via their WhatsApp enabled smartphone in selecting the risk maturity rating as well as providing additional comments. All this whilst having what looks like a simple WhatsApp conversation.  This function is subject to a separate add-on subscription.

Taking the ABMI Risk Maturity Assessment is free.

You can conduct your own free risk maturity assessment now. No more unreliable or un-researched risk maturity assessment checklists. No more delays in securing outcomes of risk maturity assessments. No more protracted delays due to report compilation. No more risk maturity assessment results that focus only on securing a risk maturity score.

myABMI Risk Maturity Assessment, Review & Audit

Although taking the basic assessment is free, detailed reporting and certain automation capabilities are billable
R 73,830

Per subscription cycle
  • Optional add-on: Assessment Review Functionality
  • Optional add-on: Assessment Audit Functionality
  • Optional add-on: WhatsApp Collaboration Functionality
  • Up to 2 assessment cycles availed per paid subscription