Risk Advisory Solutions

risk advisory solutions

Our company presents a range of innovative risk management solutions that harness the optimal combination between our collective experience as well as investment in unique methods and intellectual property. Our risk solutions are by nature game-changing and seek to develop insights that go beyond often lack-lustre “copy-paste” solutions by defining new standards and practice guidelines which question and enhance the status-quo. ABMI Research Institute is a research, advisory and digital solutions partner with specialised focus on corporate risk management and related due diligence studies.

Our approach and solutions are based on our own original intellectual property, termed the attribute-based maturity index (“ABMI”). The ABMI risk model is a methodology that guides risk management implementation as well as competency development as driven by risk maturity profiling, benchmarking and diagnostic improvement planning. Supported by a vibrant and technically competent team of advisors, our solutions are competitive, relevant and transformative by nature. Key to our service ethos is ensuring that we deliver value to our clients through a focused application of our knowledge and skills in areas where we are, in comparison with our peers; leading. We specialise so you can be assured that you are getting the best advice in your risk management journey.


We spend considerable time researching, developing and testing unique and value-adding methods and techniques that are designed to improve the body of knowledge globally. We localise global practice and adjust for the African risk environment for practical relevance. We have a rich collection of intellectual capital that has been researched and tested in the risk management space.

Some of our innovation and research outcomes include:

The attribute-based maturity index:

The attribute-based maturity index is our definitive risk management model for risk implementation, maturity and competency development. With humble beginnings as a risk maturity assessment model, ABMI has since evolved into a model for total risk management practice within organisations.

Future-Fit Strategic Planning Model:

Our strategic planning model is homegrown and innovated in consideration of various strategic management frameworks but with a deliberate focus on next-normal imperatives and ensuring that at all times organisations are thinking with a future mindset and building organisational resilience.

Outcomes-based integrated risk management:

OB-IRM is a researched integrated risk oversight model for shareholder-centric risk management within subsidiary entities. Without restricting the often variable approaches to risk management, OB-IRM ensures that all efforts remain driven by the ultimate outcomes that must be attained and that all possible synergies are maximised in the process. This model pre-supposes an approach wherein shareholder entities do not merely observe but are visible in their risk oversight efforts.


More than just a demand-driven risk advisory intervention, we have designed our programme to assist organisations to firstly understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and thereafter, progressively roll out risk management practice and realise inherent value in a manner that is practical within their environment. Our structured interventions include:
Diagnostic studies:

The key to improvement and more effective management of risk lies in building an optimal risk culture. However, without understanding the status-quo, organisations run the risk of un-coordinated and on-size-fits-all interventions which are often as ineffective as the method by which they are conceived. In order to resolve this we recommend that all interventions start with understanding and detailed diagnostics of the organisation’s risk environment and practices as follows:

  • Risk maturity assessment
  • Risk maturity benchmarking and benchmark development
  • Strategic, operational, project, cyber, ethics, fraud and specialised risk assessments
  • Risk response and optimisation advisory
Risk readiness & governance:

The foundation of the risk management programme despite populist views remains centred around formalisation of an informing risk management culture, model and approach. We assist organisation to define their risk management programme and design key risk management approaches through a range of solutions in the following areas: 

  • Risk culture studies, development and entrenchment
  • Risk policy advisory and development
  • Risk appetite & risk tolerance
  • Risk & opportunity integration
  • Risk framework development
  • Business continuity management
  • Strategic combined assurance
  • Compliance management
  • Ethics management
  • Anti-fraud & corruption
  • Third party risk management
  • Continuous risk monitoring support
  • Custom risk reporting tools and template development
Evaluation & effectiveness review:

A unique element of our risk management approach is that we focus as much on outcomes and sustainability thereof with additional consideration of downstream effects. We believe in a shift from short-term performance driven models to an integration between short-term and long-term performance which is one way of ensuring organisational sustainability. Our evaluation solutions assist organisations in the following elements of their risk management programme:

  • Performance integration and assessment
  • Risk effectiveness reviews (impact-assessment)
  • Ongoing risk maturity profiling
  • Risk improvement planning 


Through tailored training and development programmes, we have developed and rolled out several unique learning programmes designed to build risk culture and knowledge for risk effectiveness. Some of the training programmes are provided through the JSE and facilitated by our Chief Advisor. Some of our learning programmes include:

  • RM-01A: Executive risk management overview
  • RM-02A: Risk management in practice: A complete guide for risk management
  • RM-02B: ABMI risk masterclass [ABMI Partner & Auditor Approval]
  • RM-02C: Mastering risk maturity
  • RM-02D: SME risk leadership, practices and opportunities
  • RM-04A: Anti-fraud and corruption culture, planning and control processes
  • RM-05A: Advanced risk management for risk champions
  • RM-06A: Risk governance committee roles, practices and effectiveness tools
  • RM-07A: Ethics risk management
  • RM-PE2: Risk opportunity integration and management practice
  • RM-PG1: Strategic combined assurance
  • RM-PD3: Business continuity management
  • RM-PG3: Incident management