ABMI Research Institute

about the abmi research institute

The result of a vision to build a research-centric risk and strategy advisory company, ABMI Research Institute is a specialised research, advisory and digital solutions group with specialised focus on integrated financial and performance reporting, financial risk management, corporate risk management as well as geo-political risk and due diligence studies. The approach and solutions of ABMI Research Institute are original intellectual property-based and arise from detailed research processes to ensure that solutions are relevant and value-adding. 

The Lead Researcher of the ABMI Research Institute is Terence Murasiki, a risk advisory and governance professional who has extensive experience in both governance, advisory and technical roles since 1995. Supported by a vibrant and technically competent team of advisors, ABMI Research Institute’s solutions are competitive and transformative in their nature. Key to our service ethos is ensuring that we deliver value to our clients through a focused application of our knowledge and skills in areas where we are in comparison to our peers, leading. We desire that, by applying our principles and solutions, organisations derive competitive advantage and the required business resilience to ensure sound performance and sustainability in an ever-changing business environment.

Research & Diagnostics

We spend considerable time researching, developing and testing unique and value-adding methods and techniques that are designed to improve the body of knowledge globally. We localise global practice and adjust for the African risk environment for practical relevance. We have a rich collection of intellectual capital that has been researched and tested in the risk management space.

Risk, Strategy & Assurance

We provide boutique risk and strategy advisory solutions to our clients in the private, non-profit and public sectors. Our geo-political risk solutions include country risk assessments, due diligence reviews as well as researched country and project risk mitigation plans. We also provide support to the audit function through specialised audits and quality assurance reviews (Internal Audit & Projects).

Learning & Development

Through tailored training and development programmes we have developed and rolled out several unique learning programmes designed to build required knowledge for effective risk management implementation and compliance management. Our risk management masterclass remains the most value-adding course when taken as a complete course or with selected modules only.

Digital Solutions

In addition to ABMI © technology, we provide custom-developed risk reporting tools that are tailored to organisational circumstances. These tools or templates cover strategic risk, operational risk, project risk, emerging risk, incidents, risk tolerance indicators, health and safety risk indicators, strategic combined assurance themes and organisational health indicators amongst a broader range of issues.