myABMI Crisis Readiness Assessment


This assessment details the findings of a Crisis vulnerability, gaps and resumption readiness assessment performed by the organisation using the Attribute-Based Maturity Index (“ABMI”) and its annexure as well as cited tools available online.

In addition to providing such context, the report also provides recommended action plans as captured during the risk assessment against the relevant assessment subject.

This assessment is primarily based on a self-assessment model but can be independently verified or audited. This assessment model covers all forms of pandemic, civil unrest and macro socio-economic effects in the market.

myABMI Crisis Readiness & Gap Analysis

Although taking the basic assessment is free, detailed reporting and certain automation capabilities are billable
R 46,000

Per subscription cycle
  • Optional add-on: Assessment Review Functionality
  • Optional add-on: Assessment Audit Functionality
  • Optional add-on: WhatsApp Collaboration Functionality
  • One assessment per organisation availed per paid subscription