Treten Group

The Treten Group

Founded in 2006, Treten Group is a group of specialist business advisory and solutions companies that provide a range of services to clientele in both the private and public sectors. The purpose of the company is to aid our clients in solving their real business challenges through provision of sustainable game-changing technologies and solutions. With over 70 institutional clients throughout Africa, Treten has a deep-rooted understanding of the African market, its customs, dynamics and the business needs of this market.

Our company presents a range of new-thinking business solutions that harness the optimal combination between experience and technical through leadership. The Treten solution is by nature, game-changing. It seeks to deliver beyond the often lack-lustre incremental growth strategies and instead aims to define a new standard that recognises that, excellence goes beyond excelling but also looks to setting and re-defining the standard / norm. It is for that reason that the Treten Group launched the ABMI Research Institute in 2012.

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